Integrative Amrit Method

Yoga Nidra Meditation and Yoga

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Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga unites the mind, body, and soul in a way that eases tension, reduces inflammation, and promotes health and well being. Regular practice will help you reach improve and perfect poses, correct posture and positioning, and improve your breathing and outlook on life. 


The Posture of Consciousness

The Integrated Amrit Method  combines yoga poses with inward focus and meditative awareness. The postures are used as a foundation for self-study, self-observation, and self-discovery. Learn how to work with the energetics of the “edge” to break the momentum of physical, mental and emotional patterns. 


Calm Your Mind with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation practice in which you can experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation using breath and body awareness techniques.  Benefits of this  guided meditation include stress reduction and improved sleep. It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hours of sleep. It is truly meditation made easy!